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(Orlando, Florida ) Celebrating more than two years since the 2014 launch of Whiskey Systems Online, Whiskey Resources LLC is relocating operations from Kentucky to Orlando, Florida to open a new base of operations.

The new headquarters will be a knowledge epicenter for the craft distilling industry serving as a training center for distillery management, inventory tracking, cost accounting, and regulatory compliance as well as being a resource for new startup distilleries. Whiskey Systems clients will have a perfect place to train and achieve a deeper understanding of the advanced features the system offers.

The 1,000 sq ft office space is located in the desirable University Plaza office buildings and will house one of the largest collections of craft spirits featuring bottles exclusively from the 150+ craft distilleries using Whiskey Systems Online. Bar managers, distributors, and retail buyers are invited to come to the office to experience some of the best and most innovative craft spirits available. The opportunity to be part of this collection is a benefit available only to the Whiskey Systems family.

This space will also house a growing Whiskey Systems Support team with a new full time Customer Support role coming onboard soon. This new role will help with customer questions, user training, and sales to ensure Whiskey Systems stays the #1 Craft Distillery Management software in the country.

“We are very excited about the move to Florida and the opening of the new office,” says Donald Snyder, President and Owner of Whiskey Resources LLC and creator of Whiskey Systems Online. “With the new space, we will continue to grow, innovate, and provide cutting-edge resources to the craft distilling industry. Wireless barcode scanning, advanced cost tracking and accounting tools, and User Conferences are just a few of the innovations you can expect to see soon.”

The office will be open 9am-4:30pm Eastern Monday to Friday, in-line with the Whiskey Systems Online Support hours. Donald Snyder and the new full time support role will have offices and work out of the space.